Hi there!

This website is a collection of my production music that has piled up on my hard disks over the past years. As a filmmaker and YouTuber I know, it’s a pain in the butt to find suitable royalty-free music for your projects. I literally spent days looking for the kind of music I needed. And even then I did not succeed in some cases. So I often ended up composing the music for my videos myself. This turned out to be way more efficient in many cases and in some it was even the only way to get what I needed. Yet it is needless to say that I had to put a lot of time and work into it.

That’s why I did not want my audio files to rot on my computer while others might make good use of my compositions, as well. So I decided to release them online as Creative Commons.

As I already pointed out, I am a filmmaker – not a professional composer. Therefore do not expect this database to be updated frequently. I will upload new pieces every now and then but it would take way too much time to upload each song individually. So I will rather put new stuff online as soon as I have accumulated a reasonable amount.

If you like my music, please make sure to recommend me to your friends to help me become rich and famous ;-)

Many regards from Germany