13 new tracks

I finally found time to upload some of my new compositions. As always they’re published under the Creative Commons Licence CC BY 3.0, allowing you to use any of those tracks for any purpose as long as you put my name into the credits. Hope you’ll find use for them :)

Also I’ve made (not quite voluntarily) a few changes to the website. For details see below.

New Music

Welsh Coast

Imaginary Friend

Barfing Rainbows

Can’t Believe It’s Over

Run To The Moon

No Time To Lose

Marshmallow March

You’re No Match

Misty Marsh

Dance Of The Giants

Relaxed Dreaming

Relaxed Dreaming (Faster)

Life Is Too Short


Changes to the Website

It’s actually not easy to embed music into wordpress sites hosted on wordpress.com. Embedding content from external sources is quite limited in the free version. In general you can only embed stuff hosted on the leading sites of their kind, which for music would be Soundcloud.

While Soundcloud offers free accounts, those are limited to somewhat around 2 hours of audio upload, which would have been insufficient in my case. To raise this limit you can get a Pro subscription for 99$ per year.

An alternative would be to get WordPress Premium, which is 99 $ per year and enables you to upload audio files directly to your website or to include more elaborate own code to embed stuff from other sources.

Another way would be to install wordpress on your own server. However renting webspace also in general does not come for free and a server that would have met my demands could easily cost – you guessed it – 99$ per year.

So each of these alternatives would have cost pretty much the same. Before you’ll start ranting in the comments about my generation expecting to get everything for free and that those businesses also need to make money, let me quickly make a point:

In general I would consider 99$ to be a reasonable price for those offers. However while I’m investing time (and sometimes even money) in creating music, I do not charge anything for downloading or using the tracks on my website. So in conclusion I would have been forced to pay money in order to be able to give away stuff for free. That just felt absolutely wrong to me.

My former workaround was to embed YouTube videos of my music and to use some code to crop them down until only the control bar was left. Due to recent changes in WordPress or YouTube however, this solution stopped working correctly.

So I spent the whole last evening looking for another way to provide audio previews of my music without spending 99 bucks every year, ending up basically rebuilding most of the website. While the new solution may not be perfect, I am quite satisfied with how everything turned out.

Now the website should run a lot faster, since it is not slowed down by all the embedded youtube players. If you happen to find any bugs, please leave a note in the comments below :)

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