Lots of New Music + A Few Changes to the Website

Today I added 10 new pieces ranging from cheerful rock to traditional Chinese. Also I made quite a few changes to the monviando website, which are listed below. But first – here’s the new music:

Hungry For LifeCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

instruments: electric guitar, electric bass, drums, synths


Strolling Through BrooklynCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

saxophone, bass, drums, electronic piano


New York NightsCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

instruments: Saxophone, bass, drums, brass, synths, etc.


Funeral MarchCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

instruments: strings, drums, piano


Shanghai PlayboyCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

instruments: electric guitar, electric bass, drums, acoustic guitar


Ambitious AspirationCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

instruments: string orchestra


HallelujaCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

instruments: vocals, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, strings


Chinese GardenCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

instruments: strings, flute, guitar, percussion


Not Giving A FuckCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

instruments: electric guitar, electric piano, saxophone, drums


Lonesome At DuskCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

instruments: electric bass, electric guitar, drums


Things I changed on the website:

  • Added a new genre: Jazz / Funk.
    I know that what I uploaded there is actually neither real jazz nor funk. But I didn’t have any idea how to classify them otherwise. After all it will most likely be people, who are looking for something jazzy/funky that will be interested in those pieces. However if you have any better suggestions, please contact me ;)
  • Added an own site for Metal to spread out the former Rock / Pop / Metal category a little to reduce loading time (will need to figure out a way to do the same for orchestral stuff).
  • Removed the music players from the alphabetically ordered page. Since this page contained all of my pieces, the loading times were too high with the embedded players. And people, who are in need for an alphabetical list, usually know what piece they are looking for anyway.

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