Major Update

Major Update

Quick overview:

  • new music online (7 new pieces)
  • bug fix for Chrome
  • few typos corrected


Bug Fix

The Chrome web browser did not display the audio players properly. After hours of looking through the source code, I finally found a (seemingly somewhat random) solution to this problem. Chrome users should now be able to listen to the songs directly on the website.

If you should encounter any more bugs, typos or other problems on this website, please let me know! :-)


Music Update

These songs and pieces are now online:

Sounds of TamrielCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

This piece was inspired by the soundtrack of the game series “The Elder Scrolls”. It tries to resemble the main theme as known from games like Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim. However the melody differs in most parts and I added electric guitars for some extra epicness :-)

instruments: strings, drums, electric guitar, choir


Son Ar ChistrCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

This tune is famous from songs like “Wat Zullen We Drinken”, “How Much Is the Fish” or “Willy’s Lady”. This is an orchestral version of the song.

instruments: flutes, strings, drums, brass


Factum SanctumCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

Very dark and unsettling piece. What you would expect to be played when a dark cult sacrifices a virgin in the depths of a crypt.

instruments: strings, drums, choir


News ThemeCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

A fanfare for opening a news show.

instruments: brass, strings, percussion


Downtown Sheriff (With Vocals)Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

A retro-style rock piece with dirty electric guitars. This is the version with vocals.

instruments: electric guitar, electric bass, drums, vocals


Downtown Sheriff (No Vocals)Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

And this version has no vocals in it.

instruments: electric guitar, electric bass, drums


Tropical RainCreative Commons Lizenzvertrag

Very old song of mine, yet some people still like it. So I thought, I might as well put it online.

instruments: piano, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, synths, male vocals